Stretching and Frames

Looking for stretching and framing?

Our company offers a full service to complete your painting with stretcher and frame, and producing a large number of works every day in our factory with our employees, we are able to offer a fast, inexpensive service of quality, much better than what you can find locally at a local framer. In addition, we offer an extremely wide range of frames suitable for all styles and environments.


We also offer a free simulation of the purchased painting with the favorite frames. Pointing out the models of the frames you receive a simulation of how the painting would look with the selected frames


Example: In the case of a painting 60x80 cm, you have to calculate the perimeter as follows: 60 +60 +80 +80 = 280cm equal to 2.8 meters. You then need to multiply this sum with the offered price per meter. When you purchase a frame you have to add the cost of the stretching to the selected frame.



Our company has developed a very resistant packaging for stretched and framed paintings; damages to framed paintings during transportation occur approximately 1 in 1000 cases.


Extra shipping cost

For the shipment of stretched and /or framed paintings there is an additional charge as follows:

Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary € 5.

France, UK, Spain € 8.

Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Sweden 10 €.


The supplement is valid for a purchase from 1 to 3 paintings, bigger quantities need a price adaptation. In addition, the forwarder we employ has a parcel size limit of 225 cm summing 3 sides, so the paintings measuring more than 90x120 cm need a price adaptation.


As to all other countries, the shipping cost of the framed paintings should be checked with the forwarder.